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What’s the game plan? September 3, 2011

Filed under: Aspiring Fitness Model — Lauren @ 7:04 pm

In order to succeed I need a plan of action.  I’ve been encouraged recently by several new friends to make sure I have smaller goals and a plan.  Here’s what I’ve got so far….

I need to get a baseline on where I’m starting from, so over the next 7 days I’ll be averaging my weight and % body fat.

Big picture/long term goal:  I look like a fitness model.  I have good definition and lower body fat that comes from eating clean and weight training.

In June 2012:  I’m competing in a figure competition.  This is be a feasible timeline for me to shed bf and then get some lean muscle back on my frame.  At this point, I’m back in my “game shape” from college.

In March 2012:  It’ll be “spring break” time at my mom’s work.  Usually our family heads to Gulf Shores for about 5 days around this time of year.  I’ll be rocking a new bikini that draws attention to me – no more hiding in my swimsuit!

At the start of December 2011:  I’m getting closer to my long-term goals.  The holidays have not and will not derail my progress.  I’m down 2 pants sizes by now, so that means in addition to Christmas shopping for others, I need to buy new jeans!

October 2011:  I’ve been on track for a month now.  I’m shedding some water weight, and my metabolism has re-fired.  I’m feeling good and already reaping the benefits of eating right and exercising/walking regularly.

Each week:  I’m doing a lifting circuit 3x; I’m completing 30 min of intervals 2-3x; I’m walking daily for 30-60 min; I’m burning 1-2lbs of body fat each week (notice I’m not “losing” it cause I don’t want to “find” it again later!)

Each day:  I’m drinking ~100 oz water; I eat 5 small “meals” about 2-3 hours apart; I get my exercise in; I read over my goals; I remind myself that although I have a long way to go, I only have to do these things today – that in and of itself is a goal accomplished 🙂

As a note, my workouts and eating style are adopted from the book “The Metabolic Effect Diet”.  It has a bounty of good information, and it’s come highly recommended by a friend of mine (thanks Erika!).

So that’s it!  I’ll keep you updated weekly with my progress and how things are going.

Here’s to a great adventure!!


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