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I’m Back! March 9, 2012

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I’ve been away for far too long so I’m back for an update!  It’s been a crazy six months for sure.  The family had a rocky fall and winter to start out the new year, plus, I was busy landing a job.  Yes that’s right!  In August, I’ll be headed to BASF as a part of their Professional Development Program.  It’s an 18 month rotational program followed by a permanent “place out” of the program.  I couldn’t be more excited!  But before that, there’s still much to do, like finish my dissertation work AND the actual dissertation.

But all that aside, how about an update on my progress?  Like I said, the last several months have been crazy, and overall, I’ll not really budged too much on my numbers.  BUT I have learned SO much about myself through this time, that I don’t feel like it has been wasted at all.  Plus, I’ve made progress in the last two weeks, and I’m feeling great!

I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned and the workouts I’m enjoying and just keep you updated!


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