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I Want a Fixie April 12, 2012

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Oh. My. Word.  I have a new obsession.

And it’s not a kitchen gadget.

And it’s not a boy band (thank God).

It’s a bike.  But not a specific bike.

It’s a type of bike known as a fixed gear bike.

Or if you’re cool and know what you’re talking about, a “fixie.”

What is a fixie, you ask?  Well let me tell you what I know so far.

A fixie is a bike with only one gear.  (As an aside, I feel the need to point out the irony of this situation.  When I was 10, all I wanted was a bike with MORE gears.  Over a decade later, I have come full circle and now desire a bike with ONLY 1 gear.  Ridiculous.)

The crazy thing about fixed gear bikes that set them apart from a single speed bike is how the chain is actually attached to the rear wheel.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know all the technical terms and parts, but I do know the largest consequence of the fixed gear is that you can’t coast.  Ever.  The pedals ALWAYS spin.  So there’s no coasting down huge hills or through a turn.   There’s no giving your legs a break on a fixie.  It’s constant work.  But it also means your pedaling is more efficient.  I’m a fan of increased efficiency.

Another benefit to fixies (that I’ve read about and been told by friends that have them) is that you are extremely in-tune with your bike.  There’s a greater feeling of connectedness and control.  This ends up giving more maneuverability and makes it a great commuter bike.  In the end, this is what I want out of my bike.  I want to commute regularly.  And seeing as how I’m moving to the Detroit area in a few short months, I want to get comfortable on my bike in a smaller city before I attempt a larger, scarier place like Detroit.

Ooo.  I just shuddered thinking about it.

Hehe.  I just giggled thinking about it too.  I’m excited!  Can’t you tell?!

Oh, yet another benefit.  My health.  More activity is good for my heart.  It’s good for my physique too.  Enough said.

Now the question is, where to get my fixie fix?

A friend of mine who let me test ride her bike said she found hers on bikesdirect.com (No, they are not paying me to endorse their site.  Pretty sure they don’t know I exist.)  Another page I found is bikeisland.com (They don’t know who I am either).  Both sites have some crazy awesome bikes on there for a fraction of the retail price.  The downside is that their stock changes daily.  This is a problem for me because I haven’t quite rounded up all the cash I need to purchase the fixie of my dreams yet.

So I will wait.  I will scour their pages daily to see if my fav has sold out yet.

And then, some day very soon, I will buy one.

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I am obsessed with getting my hands on a fixie.

(Admitting it is the first step right??)


What about you?  Any experience with fixies?  Advice/warnings/suggestions for a newbie like me?