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5 Days Without TV Makes One ….? May 29, 2012

…hopefully it makes one more productive.


Today begins another experiment for me.  Starting this evening, I will not turn on my TV for 5 days.  Ok, I will not turn on my TV unless it is to do my yoga DVD.  But there will be no watching of DVDs, Netfilx, or Hulu Plus (I’d say cable too but I haven’t had cable since Christmas).


I’m hearing all sorts of research saying it’s a good idea to get at least 8 hrs sleep for a myriad of reasons, and I was wondering what was keeping me from that.  Well, the only thing I can figure is having the TV on!  Most of what I do instead of going to bed is watch TV or I waste time watching TV earlier in my night.  Then everything that I have to get done gets pushed back (including bed).  So I want to give something new and different a try.


Here’s what I’m thinking will happen:

1.  I’ll get to bed earlier instead of “just one more episode” (which always turns into at least three more) and be more likely to get the recommended 8 hours.

2.  I’ll work more on my dissertation at home.  This has to happen anyway, but if TV is not an option, I might actually get going on my work sooner and therefore be more productive.

3.  I’ll have the chance to clean more during the week so that my Sunday isn’t a 4 hour cleaning party.

4.  For 30 minutes before bed, I’ll get to do something relaxing to wind down instead of being glued to the screen right until bed (like reading, journaling, yoga, prayer, bath).  This equals more “me” time which equals a happier and less stressed me.


This should be interesting.  I’ll report back next week on how it went!